Adjusts your psycho-emotional state in life situations
Keeps the body in a resourceful state during basic medical treatment as an additional aid
Enables you to correct the elements in your astrological birth chart
Enables you to work deeper and more effectively with your mindset and go through transformations more gently
Author's online course by Olga Korobeynikova
Who is this course suitable for?
For beginners who want to learn all about essential oils and their usage
For those who want to learn a new demanding profession and expand their activities
Practicing aroma consultants who are interested in learning more about essential oils
For specialists in beauty salons, spas and beauty centres who can expand their range of services by adding aroma sessions
For practicing psychologists, theta practitioners and consultants who will get a new tool for diagnosing the condition of their clients and increase the effectiveness of consultations
Why is it effective?
When essential oils are inhaled, aroma molecules are identified by olfactory receptors, which send signals to the brain, where analysis and response to scent are formed.
This is where the limbic system, which is responsible for emotions, comes into play.
Inhaling an essential oil triggers certain associative images in a person and "awakens" emotions that change the hormonal background.
Improve your physical state and unleash the energy that can be harnessed to enjoy life in all its aspects.

Activate the desire to become more active professionally and in your marriage.

Know how to choose essential oils for your clients and inner circle.

Unleash your personal potential and create opportunities for professional growth and your financial income increase.
After taking the course, you will
Course modules
Module 1 – «Aromapsychology basics Basic knowledge of essential oils and their effects on person»
1. Essential oils and self-healing
2. Essential oils and energy centres
3. Essential oils and the ’’starry body’’
4. Essential oils and the balance of the 4 elements
5. Essential oils and psychosomatics
Module 2 – «Psychosomatics of important body systems and the possibility of healing with essential oils»
1. The CNS as a guide between the eternal and internal world
2. The respiratory system as revealing the ease of change
3. The musculoskeletal system as an ability to accept support
4. Digestive system as an ability to assimilate abundance
5. Genitourinary system as harmony between sexual partners
6. Cardiovascular system as a conductor of love and high feelings
7. Muscles as a skill to be flexible
8. The skin as a protective barrier between the eternal and internal world
9. The visual system as an ability to see the world without distortion
10. The endocrine system as a conductor of various emotions
11. The brain as an ability to control through intuitive trust
12. The auditory apparatus as an ability to see your own development in criticism
module 3 – «A complete analysis of 36 essential oils»
A complete analysis of 36 essential oils, correction of psychosomatics, astrological preconditions for use and the effects of essential oils on the human body.

Lemon - how to feel secure and expand your boundaries of communication.

Clove - letting go of outmoded states and emotional co-dependencies.

Rosemary - how to awaken clarity and sobriety of mind.

Juniper - how to unleash the energy of determination and feel spiritual power.

German Chamomile - relaxation as a manifestation of trust in space and working on the theme of a strong woman, arrogance and hubris.

Cedar - learning to accept support and gaining inner strength.

Immortelle - whether to let go of competition, rivalry and struggle. // Incense - how to believe in yourself more than in others and live in balance.

Geranium - how to feel joy without desire to replace that feeling // Ylang - Ylang - revealing what fertility and abundance as a human creation means.

Fennel - balances the conflict of air and fire, stimulates the reproductive system. // Patchouli - releasing underlying situations of aggression and blocks of survival and financial instability.

Sandalwood - how dignity does not demean others, but reveals passion and joy. // Balsamic fir - outmoded relationships and co-dependency themes.

// Lemongrass – the balance of speed and clear view of the situation. // Grapefruit - revealing strength we don't become vulnerable, but ready to receive gifts and feel love

// Eucalyptus globular – intensification of mental activity and overcoming inertia. // Tangerine - opening the balance of taking-giving, receiving and letting go.

Orange - believing in your own strength and awakening creative energy, stimulation to action. // Copaiba - when no one is guilty of anything.

Majorana - balancing the ego and the struggle for power. // Jasmine - how to change yourself without changing yourself, betrayal and loyalty to yourself.

Clary sage - relieving tension and balancing the hormonal background

Cinnamon - accelerating mental and physical rehabilitation of the body and revealing a sense of optimism

Citronella - healing feelings of revenge and disgust. // Thyme - what are we living for? or getting rid of acidic emotions.

Tea tree - how not to feel lonely in a crowd. // Basil - slowing down time and releasing stagnant processes.

Lavender - balancing and redistributing energy, connecting with the Earth. // Lime - letting go of speed fears and regaining a state of security.

Ginger - scaling dreams and turning them into reality. // Cypress - when you're not afraid of what others will say about you.

Roses - respect and a deep awareness of yourself as a part of the Universe. // Bergamot - revealing freedom and sexual energy as the energy of life.

Peppermint - facing the future without fear. // Vetiver - fears of criticism and the transition to enjoying the taste of life.
module 4 – «Aroma Dressing. How to create and apply it to solve any client's request»
1. Theoretical part. Principles of creation and ways to use it.
2. The practical part. Healing life scenarios.
Training format
During the training you will receive access to: - a training platform where all recordings and materials will be located.
You go through the lessons at your own pace.
Cost and participation options
A full Aromapsychology course (1-5 modules)
38 lessons, 5 modules
69 hours
module 1
Basic Course
1 000
5 webinars of 3 hours each
You receive 1st module webinar recordings for a year
If you are not a member of our aroma community yet, you can join it by contacting us.
module 2
Aromapsychology and psychosomatics.
1 000
12 sessions 1 hour each
If you are not a member of our aroma community yet, you can join it by contacting us.
module 3
A complete review of 36 essential oils.
1 000
18 sessions 2 hours each
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module 4
Aroma dressing to solve any request.
1 000
2 sessions 2 hours each
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module 5
Effective advising and high income using aroma oils.
1 000
2-hour session
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